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Welcome to Sugarcreek

The little Switzerland of Ohio

Sugarcreek, Ohio is known as the 'gateway to Amish Country,' and for good reason. Amish families were some of the first to arrive in Sugarcreek, along with Swiss and German families. The Swiss immigrants brought with them their cheese-making heritage, and slowly, small cheese factories began to open in the area. It wasn't long before Sugarcreek became known as a Swiss cheese-making hub, and the downtown area took on an Alpine-style architectural appearance that has earned the nickname of "Little Switzerland."

The downtown area still showcases Swiss architectural styles and is home to the World's Largest Cuckoo Clock, which was built in 1972. The cuckoo clock sits in the square and every hour, a series of Swiss characters pop out of the clock for a jovial jig. Every year, Sugarcreek hosts the Ohio Swiss Festival, which has been a favorite celebration since 1952, and showcases Swiss food, dance, music, and games.

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Sugarcreek is located in Ohio's Amish Country, about two hours from Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh.

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Sugarcreek is home to many homestyle Amish restaurants, bakeries, and a quaint downtown shopping area. Local artisans make and sell crafts, baked goods, and other unique handmade items. Book a night or two in one of our local hotels, inns, or bed and breakfasts so that you can be fully immersed in the Amish country experience.